Mobile GPRS 3G Video Streaming Cameras

Camvista operate live video streaming camera systems over the GSM mobile - GPRS mobile - 3g/4G mobile phone networks for client's all over the world

The Camvista mobile streaming video solution allows client's to operate security CCTV montoring camera systems and construction project management webcameras at remote locations where there is no telephone broadband connections available - over the GPRS and 3G mobile phone network - no matter how low the bandwidth network connection is

The Camvista 3G - GPRS mobile streaming camera solution also allows cliemt's to rapid deploy CCTV camera monitoring systems to remote locations but more importantly our GPRS/3G mobile video streaming solutions allow CCTV analogue cameras and IP network cameras to be deployed in vehicles - buses - trains - helicopters and all other types of transport - allowing low bitrate live streaming video footage to be viewed in a control room or on the Camvista Remote Alert Online Camera Application

Many Police Forces around Europe are currently carrying out Police security trials with the Camvista low bandwidth live video streaming 3G/GPRS mobile security camera solution in Police cars - Police CCTV vans - Police Vehicles - Police Helicopters.  Some Police Forces have now ordered the Camvista GPRS/3G mobile video streaming encoder that allows us to stream in real-time over GPRS and 3G mobile phone networks so that they can deploy live video streaming cameras on their police cars and police vehicles

The GPRS/3G transmitter encoder takes video and power inputs and uses Camvista H264 streaming video technology to compress and transmit live video over low bandwidth networks such as GPRS and 3G,back to a control room or our Online Camera Management Application - Remote Alert
The Camvista transmitter encoder has been designed with ease of use, reliability and flexibility for installation and operating live streaming video CCTV cameras over the 3G or GPRS Mobile Phone Network

The small size of the transmitter allows this unit to be deployed in a variety of situations - vehicles - trains helicopters - boars -  giving maximum flexibility for operational use providing a cost effective and reliable live real-time video feed from virtually any analogue CCTV camera or IP network webcamera location – with a GPRS mobile and 3G mobile network nconnection

The Camvista transmitter GPRS/3G encoder requires power , video and any data enabled SIM card from any mobile phone operator to work. - worldwide

The Camvista highly efficient H264 transmitter video compression encoder is optimised for very low bandwidth mobile networks meaning live video will be delivered reliably even from the most challenging areas over the GPRS or 3G mobile phone networks

The system is designed to be ‘plug and play'’, highly reliable and it does not require any specialist IP static SIM cards or expensive monthly airtime 2 year contracts. Furthermore, allowing camera operators to control the bandwidth used at any time during camera operating times, 

Wanting a live online demo of the Camvista GPRS/3G transmitter encoder sending live video from a security van on the move in the Birningham area of London?  If so - then fill in a Camvista CONTACT FORM - HERE - to request a live online demo of our Mobile GPRS 3G video streaming CCTV camera operating LIVE - or TELEPHONE - 0845 2416040

 For more information about our Mobile GPRS/GSM/3G live video streaming camera solutions - CONTACT - Camvista - by filling in a CONTACT FORM - or TELEPHONE - 0845 2416040


Download more info about the Camvista Low Bandwidth CCTV Security Camera Video Transmitter - HERE




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