MeerCam Self Powered Products

Totally Wireless Video Verification Security Monitoring System – all MeerCam products – battery powered – no cables required – up to 2 years battery life


The MeerCam self powered wireless video verification security systems are now the fastest selling security product currently on the UK security marketplace.  Not to be confused with CCTV video surveillance, the self powered MeerCams is a revolutionary video verified alarm monitoring system that is leading the way forward in shaping the future in the security alarm sectors for SME businesses and home security.  

The MeerCams are packed full of the most advanced technologies including a combination of video and audio alarm verification capabilities, wireless GPRS and GSM communicators, a touch screen keypad, a unique feature of a proximity arming and disarming station – All MeerCam products are 100% battery powered – No wires or power required

The MeerCam security monitoring system incorporates an indoor or outdoor video security camera within the passive infrared (PIR) sensor that starts video recording when the PIR is triggered by motion.  The resulting 10 second video clip is sent wirelessly to a monitoring station or alarm receiving centre or forwarded directly to the owner or operator of the MeerCam system via a GPRS mobile link. Providing the operator or  home or business owner with instant video verification of what has caused the motion detected intrusion

The entire process is wirefree with NO mains power required (battery life up to 2 years)   The MeerCam security system keeps costly and uneccessary false alarms to an absolute minimum whilst greatly encouraging a fast response time from police or security guarding companies when a genuine `crime in progress` is detected and verified by viewing the 10 second video clip

Wanting more information about the complete range of MeerCam battery powered wireless GPRS video alam verification security cameras available for commercial and home security - TELEPHONE - 0845 - 2426040 - or CONTACT - Camvista - HERE

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