Affordable Construction Site Security

The UK construction industry is plagued with security related problems of vandalism, theft and unlawful entry onto construction sites. Increasing copper prices are only adding fuel to the problems encountered due to the abundance of copper electrical and communications cabling readily available for the picking of thieves and unwanted visitors. Theft of air conditioner units, water heaters, solar panels, tools, fuel and anything else that is not nailed down are problems commonly faced by construction companies.

Theft of copper cabling, materials and vandalism to sites not only adds costs to construction, but most importantly delays the progress of the construction project. OHS risk management issues are also a consideration with the presence of unlawful intruders, whereby an onus of responsibility is placed on the construction site directors and construction site managers to mitigate such risks. All in all a quick, flexible and cost effective solution is generally not available, and often a manned guard is stationed to security guard these sites when construction workers are not present. The permanent construction site guard option is clearly a very expensive one and at times be very unreliable option to protect and secure a construction site
Camvista have now introduced their innovative and very cost effective MeerCams battery powered wireless GPRS mobile security monitoring camera systems to replace the previous traditional construction site security solutions such as manned guarding and expensive CCTV cameras security. Bringing UK construction site security at long last into the 21st century
Many of the major construction companies in England, Wales, Scotland and N Ireland are now deploying the MeerCams as a temporary security monitoring solution to protect and secure their construction sites from theft and vandalism. Knocking down traditional construction site security costs by more than 60% on each of their construction sites that temporary rent the MeerCams. 

Not only are the security costs being dramatically reduced by deploying the self powered wireless GPRS mobile MeerCams  onto construction sites all over the UK but even more important the innovative MeerCams have greatly helped to enhance and improve the levels of security on construction sites to catch or deter criminal activity during out of working hours. One construction company deploying and renting the MeerCams on 5 of their construction sites have had 17 actual arrests from 7 attempted break-ins.  An unheard statistic and success story that will never be matched by Manned Guarding companies or by traditional CCTV cameras companies been providing construction site security – for many years
Wanting to improve the current security arrangements on your construction sites? Looking to reduce your current security guarding costs on some of your current construction projects? If so – then contact Camvista by telephone – 0845-2416040 or fill in a contact form – HERE  
Camvista have a network of resellers all over England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland who will be happy to rent or sell the temporary construction site solution – the MeerCams -to help protect and secure your current construction site – less than the diesel running costs required to operate a power generator to power CCTV cameras for security monitoring – out of working hours.
Download more technical info about the rapid deployable temporary intrusion detection system for construction site security – the MeerCams - HERE


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