Empty Buildings and Properties Security

Empty Buildings and Void Properties Security – the award winning MeerCams – temporary surveillance solution to protect and secure empty and void buildings around the UK and abroad

The  wireless  battery powered MeerCams video verification surveillance monitoring cameras are an instantly deployable temporary security solution to protect and secure temporary empty buildings and void properties – anywhere in the UK or abroad – available to rent or purchase to stop theft and vandalism inside or outside void and empty buildings and properties
The low priced MeerCams are packed with security monitoring features which include a battery powered control panel – self powered keypad – indoor or outdoor video verification surveillance cameras which can detect multiple sources including instant intruder video detection and fire and flooding detection inside or outside vacant and void buildings – all MeerCam equipment 100% self powered
Features of the MeerCams to protect and secure Void and Empty buildings and properties
  • Totally wireless – NO cables – NO power supply required to operate the self powered MeerCams – 2 - 4 years battery life – can be easily deployed inside or outside – or combined – to deter criminal theft or vandalism at vacant and void buildings and empty properties.
  • Easy to install – simple to operate  – reducing expensive installation costs – simple to move and mobilise to protect void and vacant buildings from theft and vandalism – on roofs areas – on a day to day basis, weekly or monthly. The MeerCams can be rented for days – weeks – months when required to secure and protect temporary vacant and void properties and buildings from theft and vandalism damage
  • Truly reliable – a wireless GPRS mobile event intrusion video verification security monitoring camera system – stopping expensive false alarm and call outs by police and key holding security companies. Helping to get a faster response call out from police and security key holding companies when a `crime in progress` 10 second video clip is activated and fully verified by an Alarm Receiving Centre. Stopping theft and vandalism when actually happening at the void or empty buildings – greatly reducing insurance claims and the cost of time and money to clear up the damage

Wanting to reduce the insurance risk or insurance claims on temporary void and empty properties and builodings?  If so - then get rental or purchase prices for the award winning wireless security video verification alarm system - the MeerCams - by contacting Camvista - Telephone - 0845 - 2416040 - or fill in a Camvista inquiry form - HERE



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