Free Video Live Streaming Package

Camvista LIVE Streaming Video FREE Starter Package
The Package
High Performance LIVE Video Streaming Hosting for IP Cameras – H264MJPEG MPEG –compression protocols
  • Axis Network IP Cameras
  • Panasonic IP Cameras
  • Canon Network Cameras
  • Y-Cam IP Cameras
  • Sony IP Cameras
  • Many other leading IP camera manufacturers with IP webcams featuring H264MJPEGMPEG – low bandwidth compression formats
Live high quality HD video streaming hosting – up to 5 frames per second
  • Image Player size (320 X 240px).
  • Clear and fluid live video stream and live streaming audio if camera system features a live audio output.
  • NO requirements to operate the real-time streaming video broadcasting camera from a computer or encoder as our innovative streaming solution takes a live video stream directly from the webcam system.
  • Up to 1,000 simultaneous concurrent web visitors viewing the streaming real-time webcam at any time – 24/7
  • Log in to our streaming video hosting application panel with your designated username and password to manage streaming time schedules to go live when you decide.
  • Embed the new streaming video webcam code onto your website, blog or social media pages with our very easy setup procedure – no technical skills required.
  • Live video stream encoded in flash format with maximum browser support. Stream is compatible with any standard web browsers – PC, MAC or Linux platforms.
  • Live video stream viewed on iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices
  • Anti-hijack support features eliminating unauthorised camera access – camera IP address remains private away from your LAN
  • Camera monitoring 24/7 – email alert notification when live streaming video camera stops operating
  • Camvista will promote your live streaming broadcast webcam on our high traffic webcam portal network - This will provide you with high page ranking one way links to your website – blog – social media pages and improve your search engine rankings and keyword listings for your website on all the major search engines.



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