Live Video Streaming Benefits

Broadcast live real-time streaming video + audio to your visitors on your website – blog page – facebook fan page – FREE
  • NO extra costs for upgrading or launching a new webcam that broadcasts live streaming video + audio on your website page – blog page – facebook fan page
  • Increase visitor numbers and repeat visitors to your website – blog page – facebook fan page – by showcasing and featuring a real-time high quality streaming live webcam
  • NO extra financial charges for bandwidth or server hosting costs should your live streaming webcam becomes a massive HIT on the World Wide Web – NO hidden charges – NO extra costs
  • Earn extra advertising revenues for your website or blog by increasing your traffic figures because you are showcasing a high quality video streaming webcam
  • Build up valuable SEO one way URL links to your website – blog – facebook fan page – as other website owners like linking to websites that feature live streaming video webcam content
  • Easy to promote live video streaming content on social media sites such as Twitter Facebook YouTube


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