MeerCam XT GPRS Battery Powered Control Panel

 Product description for the MeerCam Wireless Battery Powered XT GPRS Control Panel

The MeerCam XT control panelis a wireless, battery operated hybrid alarm system. It is designed for residential and small business security applications, as well as both indoor and outdoor commercial applications  Up to 25 MeerCam self powered wireless devicescan be added onto the MeerCamXT GPRS control panel
The XT GPRS control panel can be used as a standalone video security camera alarm system or can be integrated into an existing alarms system as an upgrade to the MeerCaminovative features and technology.

The XT GPRS control panel has programmable inputs and outputs (outputs available Q1 2011). Programmable inputs and certain event types can be configured to capture video from a MotionViewer device using the mapping feature.
The MeerCam XT control panel has two easy to access external connectors for upgrading GPRS and RF antenna connections.
For more detailed equipment specifications on the MeerCam self powered wireless XT GPRS control panel - download the MeerCam XT control panel specs - HERE
Purchase or rent the MeerCam XT GPRS Battery Powered Wireless Control Panel by contacting Camvista - HERE or TELEPHONE - 0845-2416040


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