Stop Copper and Metals Theft Security

Prevent theft of copper - lead and other valuable metals – deploy the battery powered wireless MeerCams to protect and secure your remote and unstaffed remote locations

Theft of copper, lead and other valuable metals has really soared around the UK in the last couple of years. Police forces in areas all around the UK are warning businesses and public authorities to take extra security precautions to secure and protect remote locations where criminals can access and steal lead, copper and other valuable metals
The rapid deployable MeerCams are now proving their weight in gold to combat and stop remote locations from being hit for copper theft and metals theft. The self powered wireless GPRS video intrusion security monitoring cameras – the MeerCams – can be deployed, installed and security monitoring in minutes at remote locations where there is no power supply or telephone/broadband available. Even on roofs of churches, school buildings, void buildings and empty houses and vacant properties
Features of the MeerCams to stop and prevent copper, lead and metals theft
  • Totally wireless – NO cables – NO power supply required to operate the self powered MeerCams – 2 - 4 years battery life – can be easily deployed inside or outside – or combined – to deter and stop criminal theft of copper, lead and valuable metals
  • Easy to install – simple to operate  – reducing expensive installation costs – simple to move and mobilise to protect remote locations from copper lead and metals theft and damage – on roofs areas – on a day to day basis, weekly or monthly. The MeerCams can be rented for days – weeks – months when required to secure and protect temporary remote locations from lead copper and metals theft and vandalism damage
  • Truly reliable – a wireless GPRS mobile event intrusion video verification security monitoring camera system – stopping expensive false alarm and call outs by police and key holding security companies. Helping to get a faster response call out from police and security key holding companies when a `crime in progress` 10 second video clip is activated and fully verified by an Alarm Receiving Centre. Stopping theft and vandalism when actually happening at the remote locations – greatly reducing insurance claims and the cost of time and money to clear up the damage
No other remote security monitoring solution can match the MeerCams on price or for actually preventing copper theft or valuable metals being stolen at remote locations. Not only are the MeerCams helping to secure and protect remote locations from metals theft and copper crime they are actually assisting Police forces all over the UK to catch the criminals and organised gangs who are trying to make easy money from copper and metals theft
For more information on renting or buying the MeerCams to help to prevent copper theft and valuable metals theft -  TELEPHONE - Camvista - 0845 - 2416040 or fill in a Contact Camvista form - HERE


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