Onshore Wind Turbine Farm Security CCTV

Camvista - UK specialists in operating CCTV surveillance security cameras to protect and secure remote locations from theft and vandalism as well as combining as live  project management webcamera systems for companies to monitor their remote facilties via computers, laptops and smartphones.

With a dramatic increase of Onshore Wind Turbine Farms now being constructed and now operating around the UK in remote locations - Camvista have now developed a cost effecftive security CCTV camera surveillance monitoring solution using high speed satellite broadband that will now allow Offshore Wind Turbine Farm operators to operate live streaming video CCTV security cameras as well as operating streaming video construction project webcameras at a fraction of the costs of fixed telephone/broadband connections and fibre optic broadband cable required to operate traditional CCTV surveillance camera systems

Camvista have been developing low bandwidth and reduced compression CCTV surveillance camera solutions for Europe's largest super fast Satellite Internet Provider.  To allow remote security locations such as Onshore Wind Turbine Farms to delploy CCTV security camera systems operating via high speed Internet Satellite Broadband at any remote location around the UK

Deploying high speed Internet Satellite Broadband at a remote Onshore Wind Turbine Farm is fast and easy.  At a fraction of the installation cost of running fibre optic broadband lines and telephone fixed lines.  No need to wait for weeks or months for a fixed telephone line or fibre uptic cable to be installed.  We can rapidly deploy our Internet Satellite Broadband equipment to suite your date and operational requirements  The monthly running and operating costs for the broadband fast speed and data allowances will also greatly reduce your monthly operational costa compared to fixed telephone broadband and fibre optic broadband lines in remote locations

Not only will you be able to protect and secure your Onshore Wind Turbine Farm with live streaming video CCTV surveillance camera monitoring systems but you will also be able to use super fast Internet broadband for computers and laptops in the management/site offices at the Onshore Wind Turbine Farm remote location as well as high quality VOIP phones to allow staff to communicate

For more detailed information about our Onshore Wind Turbine Farm Security Surveillance CCTV camera solutions operating on High Speed Satellite Broadband - TELEPHONE - Camvista - 0845 241 6040 or fill in a Camvista Contact FormHERE


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