MeerCam XL GPRS Battery Powered Control Panel

Description of the MeerCam XL GPRS Control Panel



The MeerCam XL GPRS Control Panel Model is a wireless, battery operated security system control panel.  The MeerCam XL GPRS self powered control panel is designed for residential and small commercial security applications where security video verification is needed or desired.

The MeerCam XL GPRS control panel is powered by eight 1.5-volt alkaline batteries that last up to two years, with normal system activity. A built-in siren provides status beeps.  The embedded cell/mobile modem communicator reports to the monitoring station and enables 2-way voice communication over the GPRS mobile phone network to a monitoring station or alarm receiving centre.

A dual-tamper function is active 24 hours, whether or not the system is armed. An alarm occurs if the control panel cover is removed, or if the control panel is removed from the mounting surface.

With the embedded touchpad on the MeerCam XL GPRS Control Panel the user can arm, disarm the XL control  panel system and review past events and system status.  Under the TouchPad an integrated proximity card reader that can be used to arm and disarm the system without using the TouchPad. The proximity card/tag arming system is designed to maximize operator convenience.
Supervised Wireless Technology

The MeerCam XL GPRS control panel, along with all Videofied battery powered security alarm devices – up to 19 Videofied security devices, utilize Patented S2View® - Spread Spectrum, Interactive, AES Encrypted Wireless technology, providing optimum wireless signal integrity and security. Bi-directional RF communication paths between all Videofied security system devices and the system control panel assure high wireless and GPRS signal reliability.

Integrated antennas eliminate protruding wires or rods cumbersome to install and unsightly to consumers, and if damaged could lead to potential system communication problems.
The MeerCam XL GPRS battery powered control panel supervises every Videofied security devices (excluding the remote key fob) to validate current open/close state, tamper condition, serial  number, date  of  manufacture, firmware  revision, and battery power strengtrh status.
 For more detailed equipment specifications on the Videofied XL GPRS battery powered wireless control panel - download Videofioed XL control specs PDF document HERE

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