Lone Worker Smartphone Mobile Streaming Devices

Lone Worker Smartphone Mobile Streaming Video App for Lone Workers Mobile Phone Devices

Camvista have just launched the next Generation mobile phone 2.5G and 3G smartphone app to protect and secure Lone Workers when working in remote locations - at risk - anywhere around the world

The Camvista Lone Worker Smartphone app has unique two way streaming video and audio features - over the GPRS or 3G mobile phone network that allow lone workers and their employers and alarm receicing centres/Police Control Rooms to offer security monitoring and safety protection remotely for lone workers and vulnerable individuals from unneccessary risk during their working hours and their security risk situations 

For clents wanting to protect their lone workers at risk without having to buy or rent expensive traditional lone worker hand held devices that have limited lone worker safety features compared to the Camvista mobile streaming smartphone app.   

Camvista now offer Lone Worker Security Company Providers and their Lone Worker client's a range of low priced and inovative Lone Worker security monitoring software applications which can be easily instaled in minutes on a 2.5G or 3G/4G mobile phone or PDA device - at a fraction of the costs for having to provide traditional lone worker personal safety devices

Our cost effective Lone Working mobile phone app transforms the standard smartphone into a fully functional personal safety mobile device with inovative two way streaming live video and audio features over the GPRS - GSM and 3G/4G mobile networks.   Our Lone Worker smartphone app also features the standard lone worker security features that have been provided over the recent years with hand held personal safety devices for protecting and security monitoring lone workers at risk during working hours and protect vulnerable individuals 

Camvista Lone Worker Smartphone App - Overview

Two way live streaming video + audio - Recording video

Taking Pictures

Call for assistance

Access CCTV camera systems

Push to Talk

Control Centre


Intuitive and accessed through on-screen icons on mobile phones

Live and or recorded video data to be transmitted via the 2.5G and 3G/4G mobile phone network

Mobile phone and Network Agnostic

Command and Control Centre; Gold, Silver and Bronze Control System

For more detailed information about the Camvista Lone Worker Smartphone mobile streaming video software application - TELEPHONE - Camvista - 0845 241 6040 - or fill in a CONTACT CAMVISTA  FORM HERE



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