Car Park Perimeter Security

Car Park Perimeter Security Monitoring Solutions for Protecting and Securing Car Park Compounds - Airport Car Parks

Car park companies wanting to secure their car park compounds from unwanted visitors are now deploying the self powered wireless MeerCams video intruder motion viewer surveillance cameras to protect and secure the perimiter fence areas of their car park compounds

In the recent past securing car park perimter fences to stop criminal activities has been a very expensive exercise by having to deploy traditional CCTV cameras to overlook the perimeter fencing areas.  Requiring long distance power supplies having to be set up and installed for the CCTV security cameras and telephone/broadband connections to have the car park perimeter fences remotely security monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre. On many ocasions the installation costs of the CCTV power cables, poles, camera installations and wireless broadband acces at car park vehicle compounds are much more expensive than buying the CCTV monitoring camera systems
Features of the MeerCams to protect and secure Car Park Vehicle Compounds - Airport Car Parks

Totally wireless – NO cables – NO power supply required - NO telephone/broadband connections required to operate the self powered  MeerCams – 2 - 4 years battery life – can be easily deployed ar car parks compounds to protect and secure perimeter fence areas to detect and deter unwanted visitors
Easy to install – reducing expensive installation costs – simple to move and mobilise around the car parks compounds perimeter fence areas – on a day to day basis, weekly or monthly. The MeerCams can be rented for days – weeks – months when required to secure and protect car park compounds from theft and vandalism damage
Truly reliable – an event intrusion video verification security monitoring camera system – stopping expensive false alarm and call outs by police and key holding security companies. Helping to get a faster response call out from police and security key holding companies when a `crime in progress` 10 second video clip is activated and fully verified by an Alarm Receiving Centre. Stopping theft and vandalism when actually happening at a car park vehicles compound – greatly reducing insurance claims and the cost of time and money to clear up the damage after the criminal attack
Wanting to secure and protect a car park compound or a airport car parking vehicle storage area - much less than deploying and operating traditional CCTV camera systems?  If so - then contact - Camvista - TELEPHONE - 0845-2416040 - fill in a Camvista inquiry form HERE

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