3G Construction Time-Lapse cameras

Rapid Deployable 3G Construction Projects Monitoring Time-Lapse cameras

Many construction companies, property developers, public sector organisations are deploying the Camvista rapid deployable 3G mobile construction project monitoring high resolution time-lapse camera system onto construction sites and development projects for remote project management purposes, construction site security monitoring and filming and producing high quality time-lapse video movies during important stages of their construction project as well as once the construction /projectdevelopment has been finally completed


Camvista have been operating a low price 3G rapid deployable construction monitoring camera solution for clients around the world for a number of years.  Operating and deploying high definition Megapixel network cameras – HD pan, tilt and zoom IP high resolution digital cameras or true high definition static network cameras – indoor or outdoor camera systems - via the 3G mobile phone network , no matter which mobile phone network provider, anywhere in the world where there is a 3G or GPRS mobile network in operation

Camvista offer their construction and public sector clients low priced rental 3G construction project webcam prices for short term construction projects as well as economical purchase priced packages for long term construction projects – with a `buy back` option from Camvista for the safe return of the purchased high definition Megapixel camera plus 3G equipment

Our rapid deployable 3G construction projects time-lapse monitoring packages - rental or purchase -  is a fully managed construction webcam package.  Including detailed site surveys - issuing of risk accessment and method statement documentation prior to camera(s) installation - construction camera(s) and 3G equipment installation on construction/development site - managed service for operating the 3G construction camera(s) project, from day one to the last day of the construction project - equipment maintenance response service - de-install service at the end of the 3G construction project management project - creation of high quality time-lapse movies to showcase the complete construction project from the start to finish

Camvista host all of their 3G project management construction webcams on behalf of all clients on our Camplayer Remote Alert online camera management application.  Developed over many years from our wealth in experience by operating hundreds of webcameras all over the world.  We offer all of our clients a white label version of our Remote Alert camera management application - personalised in their website colours.  Through a secure user name and password web-interface Camvista clients can take full advantage of many features on our via the Internet or web enable mobile devices  to take full advantage of their 3G construction webcamera as a construction project management tool.  Camvista DO NOT charge monthly operational running costs for hosting construction cameras - accessing all the features of a white labelled website version of Remote Alert - or creating and producing high quality time-lapse movies - during or at the end of the construction project - For more detailed information on the Camvista Camplayer Remote Alert hosting webcamera fully managed application - Visit - HERE

For more details and full rental or purchase packages for the Camvista 3G rapid deployable construction monitoring time-lapse camera systems - TELEPHONE - Camvista - 0845 - 2416040 or fill in a Contact Camvista form - HERE




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